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Hello! I am Prashant Patil, an entrepreneur, builder, writer, and optimist. I am Founder & CEO of Micromize, Inc. I Build companies, organizations, communities, ideas, and products.


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Science, Vol 368, Issue 6497, pp. 1352-135 Published: 19 Jun 2020


Microfluidic Electrochemistry

Microfluidic electrochemistry for single-electron transfer redox-neutral reactions.

US Patent No. US20210139321A1

MEMS Electrostatic Actuator

Micro-electromechanical electrostatic comb-drive actuator.

US Patent No. US20210139322A1

MEMS Relay

World's smallest relay capable of switching current in the excess of 10A.

US Patent No. US20210146475A1

Diamond Rotor for MAS-NMR

World's fastest-spinning micro-scale object capable of spinning at 2 million rpm and used in MAS-NMR.

Journal: Applied Science and Convergence Technology, Volume 23 Issue 5 / Pages.296-300 / 2014 / 2288-6559(eISSN)

Phosphor Nanomaterias

Synthetic nanomaterial engineered to generate white light for LED display application.

Nano 3D Printing

Nano 3D printing micro-lattice structures half the diameter of hair.


A 3-axis robotic manupulation system with resolution of 1nm used to assemble structures at micro-scale!

Nanocosmos, MIT News, December 2013

Nano Cosmos

Micro-cosmic vision through powerfull electron microscopes

ZnO Nanowires

Synthesis of ZnO Nanowires

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO nanowires for piezoelectric electricity generator

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